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139660See the new PMDX-340 table-top CNC controller at Cabin Fever

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  • morerust
    Apr 10, 2013
      PMDX will be introducing a new table-top CNC controller at
      the Cabin Fever EXPO show on 12 and 13 April. Pre-production
      units will be running a couple of machines at the show.

      This self contained unit can run four motors at up to 3 amperes
      and offers a large set of useful features. Setup is easy because
      there are no jumpers to set, potentiometers to adjust, resistors
      to add, or soldering required for cables. Just set DIP switches
      and use easy screw clamp connections for plug in cables.

      Price will be $387.00 each.

      For more information now, see:


      Steve Stallings
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