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139016Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Is a Break out board needed with these drives?

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  • Henrik Olsson
    Mar 3, 2013
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      Hi Dustin,
      I took a look at that drive, cool one!
      You want to operate the drive in position mode with the encoder feedback
      to the drive. The step and direction outputs of the Smoothstepper is
      then connected to the auxillary encoder connector (P3) on the drive. A
      breakout-board isn't strictly needed (it rarely is) but it almost always
      makes wiring the system up a lot easier. There are a couple of break-out
      boards specifically made for the Smoothstepper available, might be worth
      a look.

      You can feed the encoder back to the Smoothstepper as well as to the
      drive (but you don't have to). It will allow you to SHOW the actual
      position in Mach3. The actual position-loop is handled by the drive
      though. I'd probably let this be until you get the rest going.

      Apparently you need to get a CAN-interface for the PC in order to
      configure and tune the drive, that kind of sucks since you're not
      actually going to USE the CAN-interface in operation. Oh well....

      Good luck!

      On 4 mar 2013 02:29 "Dustin Cluff" <dustinrcluff@...> wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > Been away for a while but finally getting back to my project which is
      > converting a servo controlled engraving machine to Mach3. I just
      > purchased
      > some Advanced Motion Control drives (
      > <http://www.a-m-c.com/download/datasheet/dx15co8.pdf> Would I need a
      > BOB with
      > these drives? I'm considering using a Smoothstepper with them.
      > Also another question that is of almost equal importance is: These
      > drives have the encoder feedback loop running into them. I also
      > noticed
      > that the smoothstepper also has inputs for encoders (up to 3 axes).Do
      > I
      > feed the encoder inputs into the smoothspper as well? also if I were
      > to
      > later add a 4th axis would the Smoothstepper be able to handle the
      > inputs?
      > Thanks for any and all help, Dustin
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