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113263Re: [mach1mach2cnc] Using windows XP

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  • Lester Caine
    Oct 1, 2009
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      FocusKnobs wrote:
      > Wow! Looks like I really stirred up a hornets' nest. <g>
      > Guys, I never said that it wasn't physically POSSIBLE to transfer an OEM
      > license to another machine. Obviously, there are many, many ways to do
      > that.
      > My point is that it is not LEGAL to do so. There has been some very bad
      > advice given here about transferring an OEM license to another machine.
      > Yes, it can be done. I just want everyone to be fully aware that this IS
      > illegal, and anyone who gives advice on HOW to do it is promoting an
      > illegal act.

      See my other post ;)

      There is NOTHING illegal about using a license you hold as long as it is
      only active on one machine.
      There is also nothing illegal about buying a basic 'vista' license and
      then installing W2k on the machine if your software will not run on
      vista ( and I have some software which WILL only run on W2k and there is
      currently no alternative as the company went bust! ).
      What IS currently illegal is NOT allowing us to buy a vista license and
      install an existing copy of XP for the same reason. M$'s 'downgrade'
      option is currently being looked at in court, and may well be illegal,
      but the fact that we need a unique license key to install a copy of XP
      actually breaks a previous court ruling on this! The court has already
      ruled that it perfectly legal to buy a current license but install an
      older copy of windows IF THAT IS REQUIRED TO RUN YOUR SOFTWARE. M$ can't
      FORCE us to upgrade our other legally held software, they have to
      provide a means that we can continue to use it.

      W2k may no longer be supported, but it is not illegal to use it ;)

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