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Re: 50hp Mercury

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  • kevinmeylor
    Hi Brian, Thanks. I appreciate the effort and it soudns like exactly what I d like to see. Only problem is the photos never came through. Could you resend
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 31, 2005
      Hi Brian,

      Thanks. I appreciate the effort and it soudns like exactly what I'd
      like to see. Only problem is the photos never came through. Could
      you resend to me directly? Or maybe post in the files section?

      Thanks a ton!


      --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Kotrich"
      <zen@z...> wrote:
      > Hi Kevin,
      > Here are some pictures I took this morning. You will note the
      ballast gate valve is removed. It was in the way, so I have a couple
      new valves on order, and I'll rig it back up somehow. I recall a
      picture on the yahoo group site where someone else had their's
      > Let me know if these show what you want. Good luck on your
      mounting. Incidentally I put lag bolts on the bottom and ended up
      drilling all the way through the transom. It's sealed up with 5200
      and will be OK unless I hit a big rock under power or something.
      Also I mounted the motor as low as possible, so the trim tab is 2 or
      3 inches below the bottom of the boat - I'm told the normal mount is
      even with the lowest point on the stern. But that's OK too...or so
      one boat mechanic told me. Let me know if you have the same problems.
      > Regards,
      > Brian
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      > From: kevinmeylor
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      > Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2005 8:51 PM
      > Subject: [macgregor19sailboats] Re: 50hp Mercury
      > Hi Brian,
      > I'm mostly interested in how it fits on the transom and in the
      > well. Primarily a shot of where the tilt tub lines up with the
      > motorwell on the port side. Any would be appreciated and you can
      > send to kevin@m...
      > We're having the selling dealer install the motor, and I'd guess
      > would be more if we bought it elsewhere -- but they are
      estimating it
      > will take 2 to 3 hours of labor at $65 an hour. So it should be
      > to 200.
      > Good luck with the EZ-Stik. I think that will be a good solution
      > look forward to seeing how it works out.
      > Thanks,
      > Kevin
      > --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, Brian Kotrich
      > wrote:
      > > Kevin,
      > > I asked both the manfacurer and seller what hardware I still
      > to
      > > mount it. No response from either yet. I'll have to wait
      until it
      > > comes, then figure out what to do/order. I'll cut through the
      > motor
      > > well if needed for mounting and room to extend as much as
      > I can
      > > take any kind of picture, digital, and send it to you direct
      > if
      > > you tell me just what part you'd like to see. About the
      > M68c,
      > > I'm probably do separate electronic components instead of one
      do it
      > all
      > > unit. I'm bidding on the Navman4200 on ebay that can monitor
      > with
      > > an additonal part. I'll buy a tillerpilot or pull the one from
      > 26d.
      > > It's unending so far.
      > >
      > > How much are you paying to have someone mount the 50hp
      > They
      > > want $300 to 400 arount here (California Labor prices!)
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > >
      > > Brian
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