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Re: [macgregor19sailboats] Re: New Mac 19 Owner

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  • Mad_Mac_Mod@hotmail.com
    I ve been running around so much I don t remember if I answered this or not! I ll follow suite and answer in line... ... From: To:
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 19, 2002
      I've been running around so much I don't remember if I answered this or not!

      I'll follow suite and answer in line...

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      > --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, <Mad_Mac_Mod@h...> wrote:
      > > My no 1 mod would be better CB line markings.
      > I am assuming you mean so that you can note the posisition of the
      > Centerboard from looking at the line?


      > No 2 is bilge pumps (2 of
      > > them).
      > Any specific models or experiences? How large do they need to be?

      They are cheap pumps that came with the boat. One a 500 GPH and the other
      300 GPH. Not for a sinking boat but fine for draining the bilge. I think
      I've seen them at BoatUS and they were the low end ones. If buying new I
      would seriously consider the pricier ones with a built in switch, but figure
      out the wireing first. I would also look in Wal-Mart if I were to still go
      with cheap models. 25%-30% cheaper than BoatUS for slightly different

      > No 3 is in progress - a switch panel for lights etc. instead of the
      > > factory toggles - under the sink facing aft.
      > We are fortunate to have nicely upgraded power already. Still a
      > single battery, but a very nice fuse/switch plate with room to
      > support a second battery.
      > I can't wait to get her in the water. I can't wait to be thinking
      > about trim and milking the last half knot out of our boat.
      > > One item if you have not had it in the water - check for ballast
      > tank and
      > > other leaks at swivel points and valves. Mine still has some I
      > need to work
      > > on.
      > >
      > It does seem like a pretty good idea to check for leaks, huh? :) I
      > saw the post about checking with the boat on the trailer. Right now I
      > plan to make that priority one...and hope to take that on this
      > weekend. I had been busy researching GPS and stereo systems... :)
      > Thanks for the great reply...I did significant sailing as a youth in
      > a Mac Venture 22, but it has been over 10 years since I did any real
      > sailing. I am definitely looking forward to getting back at it in a
      > big way.

      You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine in the
      short time I've had it, but need to do less work!

      Also, I screwed up and put the boat in the water with the motor down. Hit
      something and broke the prop and skeg. I suggest adding the rudder haul
      down mods (see pics) and always launching with the rudders and motor tilted

      > Jay
      > > MMM
      > >
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