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Mast raising pole

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  • safieradam
    I just wrote this to the macgregor list and decided to post here in case anyone is interested specifically in an M19 home made pole. I d gotten some good
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
      I just wrote this to the macgregor list and decided to post here in
      case anyone is interested specifically in an M19 home made pole. I'd
      gotten some good reference when I first asked about buying one but
      kept running into delays and finally ran out of patience and made my
      own. Turned out to be about $15 in material - less actually since
      some of it was laready cluttering my garage.

      BTW, I forgot to mention below - I use an 8 inch tractor hitch pin to
      secure the base of the mast raising pole.


      Havencraft probably has them, though I got tired of waiting for them
      to complete their move. I got references for other dealers but after
      getting no answer finally made my own for my Mac 19. The 19 is
      different from the 25 in that it has a longer stepping plate on top
      of the cabin. The plate has a pair of holes for a bolt to hold the
      mast raising pole on top of the cabin. The 25 requires a U shaped
      bracket to straddle the mast.

      Cut a 2X2 piece of wood so it reaches from the mast base to about
      where your front end attachment point is. A 2x4 would work but is
      ugly and harder to stow. Put a _solid_ eyebolt into the end of the
      stick. I did not trust the eyebolts that were simply bent into a
      circle. Got a solid galvenized one at a farm supply place. I also
      picked up a very large gate hing, took out the retaining pin and
      screwed 1/2 of the hing to my pole. That gave me a round tube at the
      base to run a bold through to attach to the front of the stepping
      plate. On a 25 you would need to use a pair of very sturdy metal
      straps and butt the wood to the mast - look at horse corral gate
      hardware as an option for straps depending on how thick the mast is.

      The Jib halyard goes through the eye when the mast is down and the
      raising pole is vertical. The block and tackle used to control the
      mainsail also gets connected to the eye bolt. The other end gets
      connected to the deck fitting - a metal strap on the deck but it
      could be your forstay anchor. My mainsheet is just long enough to
      work but with the arrangement extended all the way only a foot or so
      extneds past the blocks so I need to tie on an extension if I don't
      stand at the frong of the boat by the blocks. I skip the extension
      if I have a helper. Otherwise you need to walk with the mast as it
      goes up, or down, in case there is significant sway despite the side
      stays. I keep in position as if you were raising the mast without
      the raising pole and am ready to grab it and direct it down if things
      let go. As I get older or wiser I will probably just stand out of
      the way.

      My side stays are simply nylon rope - what I use for docking lines.
      My boat came with two fairleads in line with the mast swivle point.
      I tie the ropes to the faireleads and then cleat off on the mast.
      The one problem with this is the rope has plenty of strech in the
      bowline loop. I just realized I should run the lines from the mast
      through the faireleads to my jib cleats to make tightness adjustment

      "Fred" M19 - MACP02921293
      " When I grow up I'll be a Mac 26? "
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