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RE: [macgregor19sailboats] jack plates

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  • dan sullivan
    Welcome Marco, I cut up a jack plate similar to this one:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 9, 2013
      Welcome Marco,
      I cut up a jack plate similar to this one:
      I didn't use it to jack the motor up, just to change the angle of the transom to keep the nose down  when motoring alone. It also allowed me to raise my Honda all the way up without hitting the motor well.
      I installed a remote gate valve so I don't have to reach down. but you could cut away some of the jack plate to use the original gate valve handle.
      Just check out all my posts and search forum and pic section...maybe it will help you out.
      Jack plate:
      remote ballast valve..had to re drill it so motor would not hit it...
      enjoy! post some pics!

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      Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 13:52:26 -0700
      Subject: [macgregor19sailboats] jack plates

      New to this group and to this form of communication.
      I have purchased a Mac19, had it out a few times still working on some issues.  I have noticed my new gate valve was damaged by the motor.  I think Jack plates would take care of this.  

      What Jack plates have been installed by members and do they improve preformance.

      Also the swing keel is very hard to raise.  Should there be a pulley on the underside of the boat on the cable bolt? Any ideas on how to make the keel raise easier?

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