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RE: [macgregor19sailboats] Re: Tiller Outboard Rudder for steering while sailing?

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  • henry.ning@sympatico.ca
    Before I got my M19, I used to have a 24 foot power boat with a v8 mercruiser ... that thing was a beast to dock (for me anyway). My stomach used to churn on
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      Before I got my M19, I used to have a 24 foot power boat with a v8 mercruiser ... that thing was a beast to dock (for me anyway). My stomach used to churn on the way back in just thinking about the docking. But the trick was to stop the boat as you approach the dock.... then give a small burst of gas (with the mercruiser, it was just simply going from neutral to idle then back to neutral quickly) and that was enough to get you moving, turn the motor as needed, quick burst again, and so on and just inch your way into the dock.

      Problems start if you come in too quickly ... most people tend to over correct (with steering or ramming motor in reverse) which starts to make the problem worse.

      Compared to the 24ft power boat, the M19 was a piece of cake to dock. The M19 also has the added benefit that you could lower the centreboard which helps to keep you from being pushed sideways from the wind. But for me, the real trick is to just take it slow, and inch your way in slowly, little quick burst of throttle ....  when you need to make steering correction turn motor and a quick burst again ......  as you come in at the last moment a small burst in reverse to stop the boat, step off and tie up to the clapping of hands and admiration from your dock neighbors. Open-mouth smile

      That's how I do it anyway.


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      Subject: [macgregor19sailboats] Re: Tiller Outboard Rudder for steering while sailing?

      Sure, M19's steer lousy at low speeds, especially if you can only turn the outboard to port...but all small boats with outboards are tricky to handle in tight slip/mooring/ramp areas at low speeds... Wind and current only add to the stress. I'm use a mooring buey now and I don't miss returning to a slip or boat ramp after a long day AT ALL.

      Check out how easy these guys these guys make it look with their obvious experience and thruster wizardry.



      I'm more like this guy..;)


      --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, John Spalvins <spalvins@...> wrote:
      > I feel like I finally need to weigh in on the subject of connecting the outboard to the rudders. My 19 came with a barn door hinge bolted to the engine where the motor tiller would be. This has a wood extension which bolts to the actual boat tiller with a wing nut. When raising the motor for sailing, you have to remember to disconnect the the outboard tiller, or you could snap something. It works great except that the hinge is only plain steel and is rusting. To replace it with something more durable would require taking the engine off, since the place where the hinge is located is inaccessible with the motor mounted. By the way, the 19 steers like @#$%$# with or without the engine connected to the stock rudders when powering.

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