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Re: cushions and rails and posting

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  • Björn Conrad Fry
    Mike …. Thanks for the info. … and no I think it was just some bug in the message system or interfering signal string or something that caused my write up
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 22, 2006
      Mike …. Thanks for the info. … and no I think it was just some bug in
      the message system or interfering signal string or something that
      caused my write up to vanish when I clicked the send button. Stupid me
      wrote it right there in the body box and had no back up so it was
      gone. As if that's going to happen again. :-)

      Yes, the cushion thing will probably be a home made job. Just wanted
      to cover all the bases ... since I have this group to run things by on.

      I probably won't proceed on the bilge pump project until I see exactly
      how much water I take on anyway. I have yet to do some real sailing.
      I just heard from others that the back bunk area tends to stay wet for
      a variety of reasons. Guess I just wish I could nip that one in the
      bud. Mildew and cloud bursts are major problems down here. Also with
      the heat building up in the cabin to 120 -130 degrees in the summer,
      the idea of manually pumping and sponging the water out of there once
      or twice a day (or even once or twice a week) just to keep things
      reasonably dry isn't very appealing as you might guess.

      Right now I'm in the process of researching my emergency VHF radio
      options. The guys at West Marine are telling me I'd be better off
      with a standard permanently installed model. Then I thought that since
      I've got another small 14' fishing boat a portable model might be
      better. Why buy two? Then I learned that I can install a 3 or 4 foot
      antenna on the stern and connect a good quality hand held to it giving
      me more than enough range for this area and pretty much everywhere
      else I might go with my Mac19. The last recommendation I got was for a
      Icom M72 VHF radio.

      I've pretty much selected the Garmin Map76s as my GPS unit when that
      time comes.

      I've also had the power trim unit fixed to the tune of $700 last week
      and I fitted a 2x6 pressure treated block to my factory installed rear
      ladder. Now I have a way of mounting my Nissan 3.5 hp kicker back
      there in an emergency. It's really pretty cool. I'm going to try it
      out soon and then I'll take pictures and report on it to the group.

      Mike, where you going to mention something about the hand rails?

      That's it for now … and thanks again.


      --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, mike fortuna
      <angelwilliams69@...> wrote:
      > Bjorn,
      > hope I'm not the reason your postings disappeared. I
      > try to moderate messages as soon as I see them. We
      > were getting spam so I switched to moderated.
      > I still think you can make your own cushions. Just
      > get some foam from the fabric store, pick some
      > material you like and find someone with a sewing
      > machine who will owe you a favor or wants boat rides.
      > If no one qualifies, ask at the fabric store. They
      > may recommend a sewing person.
      > The bilge pump idea is good but usually you don't get
      > much water in the bilges. Most leaks seem to be into
      > the ballast tank. If you have just one pump, you need
      > to heel the boat so water goes to that side. I think
      > the hoses are 3/4" I. D. You can get a T fitting and
      > the hose at Home Depot or other hardware store. Good
      > luck, Mike
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