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RE: [macgregor19sailboats] New Mac 19 owner introduction :-)

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  • bjoern fry
    Ron, Yes, just to confirm that my fore and aft support wires go all the way to head or top of the mast. If I understand that properly that means it’s a
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      Yes, just to confirm that my fore and aft support wires go all the way to head or top of the mast. If I understand that properly that means it’s a masthead rig.


      Thanks in advance … J




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      Best info can be found in our files section. Mainly the Owner's Manual.

      Is yours a masthead rig or a 3/4 rig. I think the insturctions are for the masthead rig.

      Do not forget:

      http://www.dougpile .com/mac19/ index.html

      Dough does not own a Mac 19 anymore, but still maintains the site. (Thanks to him!)


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      From: Björn Conrad Fry <bjoern54@gmx. net>
      To: macgregor19sailboat s@yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:45:25 AM
      Subject: [macgregor19sailboa ts] New Mac 19 owner introduction :-)

      Hi all,

      I'm Björn Conrad Fry (single, 51 yr. old male at 275 lbs.+ ... a.k.a.
      Bear) and I just purchased my '93 Mac 19 with orig. trailer and a
      Mercury Mariner Magnum 40 hp motor last week. I live here in SW
      Florida about 30 minutes south of Sarasota on the Myakka River and
      only a mile or two off of Charlotte Bay . It's a beautiful area and I'm
      looking forward to exploring every inch of it and perhaps even doing a
      bit of fishing along the way.

      Needless to say, I'm busy getting the boat ready for "my" first
      shakedown cruise and have a thousand questions it seems. It's really a
      blessing to have found you here so that I can better compare notes and
      ideas with fellow Mac 19 owners. I hope you don't mind?

      This is really my second "sailboat" and I've only been out perhaps a
      dozen times over the last few years. In other words I'm a beginner in
      many ways. I had a Viking 22 previously with a fixed 4.5' knife keel.
      She was a great boat but that 4.5 foot draft made half of the inlets,
      bays and tributaries around here inaccessable or treacherous,
      especially given the two to three foot tidal fluctuations. She sailed
      beautifully though but was in salt water 24/7 and took a lot of upkeep
      .. then Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda, where I lived, on Friday
      the 13th of August 2004 and we (my 91 yr. old father and I) lost much
      of our roof and my Viking 22 essentially lost her mast and mainsail
      and much of her rigging. I eventually gave her away to a friend.

      So here I sit all enthusiastic finding it difficult not to think about
      anything else but my new Mac 19. (I hope I'm not getting obsessive,
      lol) So far it seems just about to be the best boat compromise for
      this area I could have found. I was lucky to find it on the first try
      essentially. I think I'm the third owner and the first used her as a
      motor boat primarily. Her sails are almost brand new and haven't been
      properly rigged in many years. What this means is that I've got to
      make sure every connector, turnbuckle and rope is properly accounted
      for and ready to get her under sail. This is turning out to be a bit
      of a challenge for me. I've got pretty much everything figured out
      except the boom rigging. This one is completely different from what
      I'm familiar with. (Does anyone have any close up photos or diagrams
      of how best to rig the boom and mainsail both in full and reefing
      configurations? )

      Anyway, I didn't want to buy a truck or SUV just so that I could pull
      my boat around, so, my still to be christened Mac19 which easily comes
      in under 2000 lbs, is pretty much the cat's meow. My 2005 VW Passat
      Turbo Diesel with about 250 lbs of engine torque does beautifully with
      it, although my mileage drops to a mere 25 mpg from the usual 39. (at
      least according to the onboard computer)

      I've already looked at all the pics in your gallery and was impressed
      by all the modifications and so on. Some of them are pretty way out
      for me and others seem to be spot on. At this point though given that
      I'm living in Florida and have to contend with Florida conditions,
      etc., my priority lies in two areas primarily it seems, even before
      I've had her under sail for the first time.

      1) safety rails etc. (she has next to nothing and with my big size and
      weight I know that a few more railings or safety wires and such would
      be highly advisable -- I'll have to see how much she rocks and rolls
      with me jumping around on top of her.)

      2) added ventilation solutions and/or bow hatch. (I've already had the
      misfortune of spending a few hours in her cabin with the Florida sun
      cracking down. It must have been 120 degrees in there at 100% humidity
      ... or at least something approaching that.)

      Other probable aquisitions / modifications down the road are:

      * center cabin cushion replacement
      * compass aquired and mounted
      * emergency kicker motor mount for 3.5 hp Nissan (ladder attachment
      * small 12 volt control panel added
      * perco switch added for 2 battery management
      * repair / modify port bench storage lid under which motor controls
      have been mounted (poorly conceived modification)
      * one or two electric bilge pumps added if needed.
      * primary cabin hatch cracks repaired and surface strengthened

      There are of couse always more things needed and discovered to be
      "essential" along the way, so I'll stay in touch and hopefully
      eventually start answering some of the questions and not just ask them
      myself. :-)

      In the mean time ... thanks in advance ... and its great to be aboard.

      Björn Conrad F.

      < bjoern54@gmx. net >

      PS> if anyone has any questions at all about anything I'm at your
      service ... B. :-)

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