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770Re: Honda /Merc Mods and M19 records

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  • kevinmeylor
    May 1, 2005
      I have to agree. Though I haven't posted much, I've gotten a lot out
      of monitoring this board and Chris's posts especially. It's been very
      helpful to see hear other's experiences, related to the Honda 4
      strokes, as I have a 1993 Honda 45 on my boat.

      On another topic, has anyone ever come up with a good steering linkage
      to their outboard from the steering system? I find the three hands
      needed to control both tillers and the shifting mechanism are too
      many. Consequently, I'm converting my tiller motor to remote and would
      very much like to get some sort of link set up. Anyone done this


      1993 Macgregor 19 - "Zavala"
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