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657RE: [macgregor19sailboats] IF YOU WANT TO SELL BOATS, BOAT PARTS and GEAR

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  • David Mathis
    Nov 4, 2004
      been 15 years but I replaced my keel bolt on my Mac 25 after cable broke and made a horshoe out of my bolt. I recall it was 6 inches. But that recollection. I took the bent bolt into marine supply and picked out a nice stainless steel replacement.

      "Garmon, Tom" <tomg@...> wrote:

      Hello All,

      Does anybody know the length of a keel pivot bolt. I'm pretty sure that Macgregor has used the same bolt with rubber and cup washers for all of his swing keel designs. I pulled my swing keel out and the bolt was pretty bent. I went to go measure it to get a new one and I can't seem to find it (story of my life)! I'd appreciate any help.

      Tom Garmon

      '92 19'

      Northeast Ohio

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