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37Mercury 40 hp. 4 cyl. on Mac 19

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  • Randy Zerbe
    Nov 3, 2002
      When I bought my Mac 19 new in 94 the dealer had a used 93 in stock.
      This boat had a Early 90s Merc 40 4 cylinder OB on it. The OB was not
      a tiller control type so the cables made a loop or two under a gas
      tank then went up one side of the cockpit floor to the control box at
      the forward end of the cockpit well. While this may have seemed a
      good place to the owner it looked to me like you would be banging
      your leg on it and tangling the sheets in it there. The OB was
      steered along with the rudders by links to the tiller cross-bar. The
      OB could be tilted up without disconecting the linkage. The owner had
      built a hardwood extention 4 or 5 inches aft of the transom and hung
      the OB on that. This was done so the OB could be trimmed more
      vertical. The mac 19 transom is unusually vertical and I think that
      because this OB was a power tilt/trim model they had to make this
      mod. It looked like a lot of work and placed this already rather
      heavy OB even farther aft. That year I priced a new Merc 40
      4cyl.tiller control OB, it was $3400 US. I later bought a new Merc
      Seapro 40 2 cyl. manual start tiller OB. It was $2500 and 30 or 40
      lbs. lighter. More on making this and other OBs fit the Mac19 later.
      My point is ...it would be nice to try the OB on the boat to see if
      it fits before you buy it but that is rarely done. so people make it
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