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1473Re: [macgregor19sailboats] Furler or Not

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  • Ken Abrahams
    Jan 29, 2009
      I haven't been able to locate the sheeting arrangement for the Genoa in the on-line manual.  Can you lead me to it?
      About the furler,  do you find that the std. jib is enough sail?  If you want to use the genoa, can it be used with the small jib in place on the furler?  (Where do you hank the genoa jib to the forestay with a furled jib or do you free-fly it?)
      Ken A
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:06 AM
      Subject: Re: [macgregor19sailboats] Furler or Not

      I have a CDI FF2 on my Mac19 - it works fine with the standard jib.  I have a furling genow from another boat but have not tried it on the 19 yet.  Will probably do so this spring and use the turning blocks as described in the Mac19 manual.
      There is plenty of room for the furling drum.
      Richard Norman
      1973 Catalina 22 SK
      S/V Island Seaker #1953
      Winston-Salem, NC

      1993 Mac 19
      2001 Stevenson Weekender

      On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 10:53 AM, Ken Abrahams <kabrahams@bellsouth .net> wrote:

      I am seriously considering adding a CDI FF2 furler to my 19. Probably
      put the Genoa on it. A few questions:

      Do the jib sheets for the genoa go outside the side stays? Mine have
      turning blocks and I am only guessing how to set it up. Will the
      sheets work properly with a furler? Suggestions?

      Do furlers work ok on the 19? What things should I consider?

      Is there plenty of room on the foredeck for the furler drum?

      Anything else?

      Who has the best price on CDI furlers?

      Ken Abrahams, Lake Charles, La

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