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1028Re: Mac19/26X?

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  • eo_ant
    Sep 6, 2005

      The weight in you bow does not sound like it was concentrated as low
      as possible like a sand bag would be on or under the V berth.

      Have you tried sailing without water in your ballast tank in light
      winds? Without water in the ballast tank the motor, fuel, and human
      ballast in the cockpit becomes a lot bigger portion of the total
      weight. Having some weight forward helps to balance the fore and aft
      weight distribution. Having it low helps in the same way filling the
      ballast tank does.


      --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, "Ron Buckles"
      <ronbuckles@y...> wrote:
      > We found the v-berth be useless unless you have kids that need a
      > place to sleep. So we put the v-berth cushions into stoage and place
      > a net across the opening. In went everything: sails, storm gear,
      > sleeping bags, etc., etc. (See in photos, under 'Ron's SeaKerr'.)
      > This extra weight helped in the trailering, but I did not realize
      > that it helped in light wind.
      > Ron
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