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1023Re: Mac19/26X?

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  • Ron Buckles
    Sep 3 2:48 PM
      We found the v-berth be useless unless you have kids that need a
      place to sleep. So we put the v-berth cushions into stoage and place
      a net across the opening. In went everything: sails, storm gear,
      sleeping bags, etc., etc. (See in photos, under 'Ron's SeaKerr'.)
      This extra weight helped in the trailering, but I did not realize
      that it helped in light wind.


      --- In macgregor19sailboats@yahoogroups.com, "eo_ant" <eric@h...>
      > Chris,
      > I agree with you about the roller reefing gear making the mast more
      > difficult to raise and lower. That's too bad. If you do find that
      > snap-on system you saw looks promising, I hope you will pass the
      > information along. The roller reefing system most of us have would
      > fine if the boat was moored with mast always up, but sure does
      > complicate raising, lowering, and trailering.
      > Here's one more bit of info that might be useful. I talked to
      > who used to own a M19 and sail it on Puget Sound which often has
      > fairly light winds during the summer months. He had a couple of 50
      > more pound sand bags that he would put on the V berth up front for
      > ballast and balance. Then in light wind he sailed without filling
      > ballast tank. This helped with speed in light wind and did not seem
      > too risky to him from a stability standpoint.
      > With your 30 gal bow water tank and additional weight down low as
      > as it is well secured so that it won't shift while heeling seems
      > not filling the ballast tank should be a viable option for you in
      > light wind.
      > I'm thinking about maybe a second battery and a 10 gal water tank in
      > the bow under the V berth to serve the same purpose. Why use sand
      > that extra weight could go towards something that would make the
      > boating that much more fun?
      > With your CB line in the cockpit seems like it should be easier for
      > you to adjust the balance of the boat to suit different sail
      > configurations. It will be interesting to see a report after you
      > the different sails a try. It would be really sweet to find a setup
      > that would let the M19 sail as well as 26X or 26M. I wonder how a
      > would do with a 26M roating mast and sails.
      > Eric
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