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  • Chris
    Sep 1, 2005
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      So, in the last two or so weeks, I have been researching/engineering
      a sail configuration to use on my Mac19. Currently, I have the
      3/4rig jib setup which doesn't do too much until the wind hits 15-
      20knots. Also, my boat has about 800lbs of extra weight, the
      majority of which is down low in the boat that I would like to call
      a "ballast supplement". Lastly, I retained the stock jib from my
      old 26X to possibly use on my Mac19.

      Mike Fortuna got back to me on the dimensions of the Hobie superjib
      that he has had good success with to add to my R&D. Mike, thanks
      very for the effort to measure your sail, and you should consider to
      post those dimensions to the board as I'm sure other people would
      benefit from that as well.

      Given the heavy nature of my boat and the general poor light wind
      performance of the Mac19, I wanted to go with the largest headsail
      that I could fit onto my boat. At this point, I have good reason to
      believe the Mac26X headsails would work well. The genoa would be
      used from 5-15knots with the full Mac19 main (drifter setup), the
      jib would then go on from 10-20knots, and the stock 3/4rig jib could
      be utilized as a storm jib along with the reef mainsail in anything
      from 20knots+. I will need to play with mast rake to maintain good
      balance and reduce the weatherhelm during gusts. I did this on my
      26X with surprisingly good results. Below are the dimensions of
      everything I've been working with FYI. They are listed as
      luff,leech,foot in units of feet.inches.


      Jib: 24.9, 21.3, 7.7
      Genoa: 25.0, 22.6, 13.1
      Main: 20.4, 21.2, 8.2
      3/4Jib: 19, 15.6, 7.6 (measured myself)
      3/4Genoa: 19.4, 16, 14.8


      Jib: 25.4, 21.6, 11.9
      Genoa: 25.4, 22.8, 16.9

      Again, I plan on having the Mac19-mainsail, Mac19-3/4Jib, Mac26X-
      Genoa and Mac26X-Jib as my final sail inventory. All I need to get
      is the Mac26X-genoa to be there along with various blocks and
      rigging to get it to fit.

      I welcome all feedback as I don't want to spend alot of money on a
      sail I can't use. Thanks!
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