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  • Angelo Michelotti
    Oct 5, 2002
      I finally became an excited M19 owner. Hopefully we can share
      ideas, solve problems, get together and have our own source of
      useful information since we are similar to the 26x but different
      enough from it and the other Macs to warrant our own site. I'll be
      posting photos and a description of the rudder kickup system
      which I made easily, quickly and cheaply. It's a vast
      improvement over the standard and stupid shear pins. I'll also
      share my simple spare tire addition and the hinged instument
      panel I made with the inspiration from another nearby M19
      owner. If any of you have any mods you want to share or
      problems you've encountered, let us know and maybe we can
      help. good sailing, Mike (A.M.=my list name)