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  • Dan Frost
    Greetings! I m Dan, a former NPS student and the author of the first message in this forum. Shamelessly lurking around the website, I noted the recent
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2004
      Greetings! I'm Dan, a former NPS student and the author of the first
      message in this forum.

      Shamelessly lurking around the website, I noted the recent
      discussion about the future of M2T2. It encouraged me to make a trip
      through our club's amazing history. There are plenty of good stories
      about plenty of outstanding people saved in the archives of this
      website. Well worth an entertaining read.

      I thought that I'd reprise a couple of those stories. The first
      (message #77) written by our first president, Major Craig Barnett,
      who is currently overseas in the Middle East. The second (message
      #95) was probably not my most humorous composition to be recorded
      herein, but some people liked it back then...maybe because it was
      my "farewell message" (sounds better than a resignation letter,
      eh?). Oh, for those who care, I'm in DC now getting ready to
      represent the U.S. Navy on their official Ironman Hawaii
      team...partly because I had a great experience with M2T2.

      Best Wishes,
      - Dan

      From: "Barnett, Craig"
      Date: Mon Jul 30, 2001 4:42 pm
      Subject: Thanks to all

      I have been too quiet lately and laying down on the job. Of course,
      my excuse is that it is hard to get up off the ground when you have
      a 500 pound gorilla named "Thesis" sitting on your back.
      I want to add my thanks to everyone who was involved in the Poker
      Ride - especially Derek. It will only take a couple of events like
      this each year to give M2T2 enough money to make it worth its while.
      T-shirt money, reimbursements from MWR for races, the fun of
      training with a bunch of other military triathletes ... these are
      some of the reasons we started this club in the first place. I'd
      have to say being involved with a motivated bunch of other military
      triathletes has been the most rewarding. I hope some of you others
      have had a similarly positive experience. I hope some of you who
      will be around for a while longer have caught the vision of what
      this club can be. If you have caught the vision, please consider
      taking over the leadership of this club. I would hate to see the
      club die because no one wanted to take the lead. We have started
      something special here - an asset to the individual triathlete, an
      asset to the school, and an asset to the triathlon community on the
      Peninsula. Don't think you need to have any particular knowledge or
      ability to be the president of M2T2. You can probably see that I
      don't. I have just been taking one step at a time, probably making
      more mistakes than not, but the club has made progress. Due
      mostly to the hard work of the officers and the interest of all you
      other triathletes. All you really need to be president is a vision
      for what M2T2 can be and an ability to communicate that vision to
      other people. The election will be at the upcoming meeting. All the
      nominees will have an opportunity to express their vision to the
      club and we will vote on who will take the helm. Step up to the
      plate- you can nominate yourself, or someone else you may think has
      the vision.

      Train smart,


      There are still a few triathlons left in the season, so the club is
      certainly not at the end of the line. However, we have reached the
      end of an era. I'd like to congratulate Craig Barnett, a good leader
      and a great friend, for becoming the first FORMER president of the
      Monterey Military Triathlon Team.

      The club would not have existed without his vision for it.

      A while ago, I helped draft up a mission statement for the club. It
      was long enough ago that even I had forgotten what I had written as
      our club's mission.

      What has this club done in its short existence? Well, we certainly
      weren't on the front page of the leader board in the Wildflower team
      competition. We have no corporate sponsors. We couldn't even try to
      win a relay race without trying to cheat.

      Thankfully, though, I don't think that our mission statement had
      anything to do with achieving any kind of club results. Even our
      streak of no DNFs and other personal accomplishments, fast or slow,
      were not objectives for this club.

      The two phrases that I recall most vividly (though barely) about our
      mission are "necessary resources" and "mutual support". We did
      acquire the resources, that is money, to race at Wildflower and PG,
      and to look cool doing so.

      We did have mutual support as well. In this atmosphere, I guarantee
      that each and every one of us did something unusual, weird, strange,
      or totally new that we would not have done on our own. Further, each
      of us were better people for it. We trained better. We raced better.
      We raced, period. We learned some things, good and bad, along the
      journey from the folks who were there. (Swimming in Monterey Bay is
      an insane activity, but y'all got me to do it.)

      So, Craig, I believe that we can let you retire in peace knowing
      that we HAVE accomplished the mission. Myself and your fellow
      officers didn't always agree with you, and sometimes we'd steer the
      ship in directions that you hadn't even considered. However, you did
      give us the freedom to do it (while you strapped in tight), which
      speaks volumes (much more than you spoke at our meetings).

      Again, this is not goodbye or the end of the road, just the end of
      an era. Damn good one, too! Thanks, Craig. See 'ya @ PG.

      - Frosty
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