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Links For 1-6-11

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  • Wiliam Brabant
    If You haven t joined LynnLynn s mailing List yet, send a blank e-mail to LynnLynns-links-subscribe@Yahoogroups.com Hi... All the links are broke .. the sites
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2011
      If You haven't joined LynnLynn's mailing List yet, send a blank
      e-mail to LynnLynns-links-subscribe@...

      Hi... All the links are "broke".. the sites all say
      buffaloschips.com, but
      then they say " This domain is expired, please renew it."

      Yesterday was not a very good day, beginning when I found out that
      I didn't win the 350 Million Mega millions Jackpot and going
      from there. After running around all day solving the family problems
      like a good buffalo, I sat down at the computer to do the lists and
      the first
      message I got was the one above. Ok that is a big oops because that
      that none of the toons or movies are available and all of the ads
      had our redirects on them no longer go anywhere. Normally that
      be a problem and in a day or so after a credit card payment the site
      would be back up, except the passwords were on two computers that
      I am sure there is a way around this but they don't work 24 hours a
      at the registrar's office so we won't know till later today. A
      little later
      today when I can talk to the nephews, I will see about using the
      site for a few days till we get chips back up and running.

      Enjoy the chips..... buffalo

      Subscribers and Friends

      Melva/From the 50's (music)

      Within A Dream

      Christ's Bell

      A KAIROS Moment



      Surfin Surfari

      Archeology Via Wesley

      POW Network Phonies Site

      Little Christmas

      Free Database Of Student Essays, Papers & Reports



      Tech Talk ( Computers and Web-tv)

      apple's software geniuses find the clock baffling Via Wesley

      Darik's Boot and Nuke - Via Robert

      Dog Waffle Paint

      The Babbage Engine | Computer History Museum Via Wesley



      Animal World

      Doggie Zone


      Cat Spot Tips!


      We understand that you may have accidentally deleted important
      documents, pictures, or other various files from your computer that
      you thought you could never get back.

      Well, we wanted to let you know that you can easily get your deleted
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      other people have deleted from your computer.

      Once the scanning is complete you will have full control over which
      files you want to recover.

      Press here to run the -free- analysis scan:



      Movie Links


      Toon Links


      Solar Flex - Far Infrared Heat Mat

      Bring the yoga studio to your home and avoid the costly, crowded
      classes. Solar Flex is the fitness tool that radiates far infrared
      heat waves deep into your body - start off warm then get hot. The
      radiant heat allows your body to stretch farther than ever before
      and burn double the calories.

      Try it for 30 days.

      Learn More



      Remember 9/11/01

      Regarding any problems unsubscribing from this mailing list

      In accordance with the Can-Spam act you can contact me at:

      William Brabant
      711 Pine Street Apt.1
      Sault Ste Marie Michigan 49783


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