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July 4th Special Buffalo and Links

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  • bill brabant
    We hope that everyone is having a safe fourth and will be with us next week ,please Don t Drink and Drive and leave the fireworks to the pyrotechnicians. From
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2000
      We hope that everyone is having a safe fourth and will be with us
      next week ,please Don't Drink and Drive and leave the fireworks to
      the pyrotechnicians.

      From 1776 our nation has celebrated various holidays including July
      4th with a bang . In the last century people have started to opt for
      a safer and saner approach except for people like the Buffalo. Keep
      in mind that the following is considered insane , illegal , and
      possibly harmful to human life.

      San Diego Feb 1987 .. I was managing an apt. complex and working as a
      stationary engineer at the Univ of San Diego It was the daughter's
      birthday party and after the festivities at Farrells Ice cream Parlor
      all of the children had been picked up , a group of us were standing
      bored. Using the buffalo ingenuity , I decided to liven things up
      with a bang. I filled up six balloons with oxy-acetylene from a small
      of torches I had brought home from work . ( Don't try this one at home
      kids) I then set the balloons in a plastic trash can in the center of
      our parking lot and prepared to ignite them ... Six balloons have the
      audio effect of two sticks of dynamite and gives off a large amount
      of light but since they are not enclosed there is no flying debris to
      hurt anyone although it rattles walls and windows... I had picked a
      really inopportune time to do this as you will see in a minute ...
      Putting a lit cigarette on the end of one of my throwing darts , I
      back and threw. The first shot missed and so did the second so I
      moved a
      little closer and threw and it was perfect ..Big Boom the whole
      lot lit up and as I walked back to the door step , from around the
      corner of the first buildintg , I saw four San Diego Police Officers
      headed my way.. Understandably they were not smiling , had weapons
      drawn thinking someone may have fired a cannon or something and my
      daughter said ," My dad made a big boom ". I was thrown up against a
      wall and told I was lucky I hadn't been shot , which would have been
      hard to explain and asked what I had did . I told them I had ignited a
      few balloons . that only got more really dirty looks like , "Where is
      the Bazooka
      Kid "??? After I convinced them that I had no explosives ( they missed
      the torch hose hanging out of my hatchback and the bag of balloons)
      I was told that I would be watched like a hawk till the day I died and
      the police officers went back to what they had came there for, to
      pick up
      the complex schizophrenic who was being watched by two other officers
      front of Building Two .. Fastest reponse time I ever saw. I supposed
      there is a big black mark on my permanent record somewhere and
      someday they will roust me out to explain somenone blowing up
      something somewhere .


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