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To all of my friends

Over the past 2 months I have received hundeds of emails wondering what happened to me and sincerely I have not been in the shape to answer them which has
William Brabant
Nov 7, 2013

`Links ForTues

Melva http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Misc_files/Wh.html Animals on Trampolines Via Richard http://dogwork.com/trampoline-animals#.Uhuu3QtmcWA.email I KNOW
William Brabant
Aug 27, 2013

Links Fo rMon

Melva http://silverandgoldandthee.net/V/Lil.html Poems Of The Week http://inhisservice.bravesites.com/ Soaring With Eagles Via Robert
William Brabant
Aug 19, 2013

Links for Mon

Melva http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Misc_files/B/Were.html SINGER EYDIE GORME DIES AT 84 http://deathbeeper.com/6179801.html Poems Of The Week
William Brabant
Aug 12, 2013

Links For Sun

Melva http://www.silverandgoldandthee.net/V/Sac.html Preparing To Meet The Dog http://www.adreamandasmile.com/Smiles-6/Preparing_To_Meet.html Koala's In A
William Brabant
Aug 4, 2013

Links For Tues

Melva http://silverandgoldandthee.com/Anns/A_LCS.html ACTRESS EILEEN BRENNAN DIES AT 80 http://deathbeeper.com/5215781.html Poems Of The Week
William Brabant
Jul 30, 2013

Links For Thurs

Melva http://silverandgoldandthee.com/Rogs_Poems/ToAg.html Send A Smile Today http://www.adreamandasmile.com/Smiles-6/Force_It.html The Rainbow Bridge Poem - A
William Brabant
Jul 25, 2013

Links For Sunday

Melva http://silverandgoldandthee.net/V/Sk.html Checkin' In http://www.adreamandasmile.com/Smiles/Checkin_In_On_You.html Ray Stevens - Come To America
William Brabant
Jul 21, 2013

Links for fri

Melva http://www.silverandgoldandthee.net/V/Rest.htm Inviting Friendship http://www.adreamandasmile.com/Frdshp/How_Inviting.html Photo Gallery - Dolls Houses
William Brabant
Jul 18, 2013

Links For Tues

Just Have Faith! http://www.shangralafamilyfun.com/faith.html Eagle Rescue http://www.shangralafamilyfun.com/eaglerescue.html Rules For US Civilians
William Brabant
Jul 16, 2013

Links For Sat

Writing a Love Story http://silverandgoldandthee.net/R/Fal.html Gospel Music http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Js/Gp_files/Gp.html Just Have Faith!
William Brabant
Jul 13, 2013

Links for Thurs

Predestined http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Insp/C/Pre.html Forgiving http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Misc_files/A/Fg.html A Little Gift
William Brabant
Jul 11, 2013

Links For Tues

Remembering My Childhood Days http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Misc_files/A/Rem.html Up Up And Away http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Misc_files/A/Up.html Fred &
William Brabant
Jul 9, 2013

LInks For Mon

With The Lord By My Side http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Insp/C/Side_files/Side.html Lazy Thoughts http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Misc_files/B/Lazy.html Think
William Brabant
Jul 8, 2013

Links For Fri

Mountain Tops and Valleys http://silverandgoldandthee.net/Insp/C/Mo.html Once In Awhile http://silverandgoldandthee.net/R/Once.html Humor In Politics 10!
William Brabant
Jul 5, 2013
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