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4615To all of my friends

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  • William Brabant
    Nov 7, 2013
      Over the past 2 months I have received hundeds of emails
      wondering what happened to me and sincerely I have not
      been in the shape to answer them which has probably left
      a lot of you feeling like I don't care. Spraining my right wrist
      and breaking my typing finger on that hand didn't help either.
      Slightly before that healed I found out the reason I was falling
      a lot was because I was going into kidney failure. Ok that was
      expected and I was having blood work done every week to
      keep an eye on it. It was not what caught it though, it was the
      colonoscopy that the surgeon was doing as part of procedure for
      a gastric bypass that caught it. He cancelled the surgery as they didn't
      want to knock me out. That event stood out most during
      that period of time because that little cleanse they gave me
      caused a lot of laundry. It is also fun tying to run to the bathroom
      when arthritis has ahold of most of your joints.

      After a couple of days I went back in and had catheters installed
      in my neck and two days later started dialysis. I am still having a lot
      of motion problems and it has taken some willpower to make all of my
      sessioins. I slipped the other morning on the front lawn and managed to
      do a perfect landing between all the dog poop on the ground.

      Anyhow i am playing it by ear and living day by day as there are so many
      different possibilities. If any of you would like to pass a good word
      along to your higher power for me I would appreciate it. Love you all

      buffalo.... I don't have the watch