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    Thanks, Abram. Certainly, you are in good company to focus on the Pentateuch. That does seem to be where the lion s share of LXX scholarship is oriented. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2012
      Thanks, Abram.

      Certainly, you are in good company to focus on the Pentateuch. That does seem to be where the lion's share of LXX scholarship is oriented. In contrast, the only study I have found on Greek Zechariah (since my thesis right now deal with Zechariah) is Palmer's Ph.D. dissertation. Certainly, one wishes there were more on the Old Greek versiosn of the Prophets, in gerneral.

      I'd be happy to dialogue with you a bit about the prophets. It appears to me that Ziegler's Dodekapropheton lacks the Kopfleiste (section 2, according to your divisions). I suspect that he describes this ommission in his extensive introduction, but my mastery of German is far too inadequate to discover it.

      AS AN ASIDE: However, on the off chance that this material is available in Spanish or Russian, I would happily consult those sources. If anyone knows of good resources in Spanish or Russian, please let me know.

      >>I'd already started part 2 when I posted part 1--the examples under
      consideration come from the Pentateuch, simply because at the time I am
      working on a passage in Deuteronomy, so the completion of my post will
      likely stay in the Pentateuch.  But I'd love additional feedback form
      you as you look through the prophets and hold it up next to what I've
      got here so far.

      Abram, that's probably best for the sake of consistency. Much as I would like to see a treatment of the Prophets, I recognize that you do well to maintain uniformity by staying in the Pentateuch.

      >>To your question about comparing volumes: there is a Companion to the
      Septuagint coming out soon by T&T Clark/Continuum, which, in their
      words, "provides a cutting-edge survey of scholarly opinion on the
      Septuagint text of each biblical book. It covers the characteristics of
      each Septuagint book, its translation features, origins, text-critical
      problems and history. As such it provides a comprehensive companion to
      the Septuagint, featuring contributions from experts in the field."

      Fantastic! I was not aware of that. Hopefully someone on this list can provide more info.

      >>I do, actually, have a review of the Logos version
      of Göttingen forthcomi ng.  Are you eligible for their academic
      discount?  If so, the price cuts about in half for that resource.

      Thanks. I hadn't thought of pursuing a student discount. That's still a hefty price tag, but it might be doable.



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