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    B H My name is Doreen Dotan and I live in Tzfat, Israel. Tzfat is the traditional home of Jewish mysticism (some of it is even real), Sufi mysticism and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2001

      My name is Doreen Dotan and I live in Tzfat, Israel. Tzfat is the
      traditional home of Jewish mysticism (some of it is even real), Sufi
      mysticism and Yeshua ben Miram is buried about a kilometer from here
      in Ein Zeitim. This is a place for people who come searching. Those
      who come with a broken heart find what they are searching for. As
      Rabbi Nachman of Braslav used to say: "There is nothing so whole as
      a broken heart."

      The message here may not be for many of you, but for the few who are
      ready to cast off the heavy cloak of the world of illusion. You will
      know you are ready for what is written here if it speaks to your
      heart and arouses desire, not anger or fear in you. If what is
      written here arouses jealousy in you, then you are approaching
      readiness to receive this message.

      The Hebrew languague is the vestibule which leads from the world of
      illusion to God. It is not enough to be fluent in modern Hebrew, one
      must return to the thought patterns of the Hebrew language. Even
      those in the modern State of Israel who speak in Hebrew still think
      in patterns which are those of secular languages. I'd like to refer
      the reader to my article "Consciousness and the Hebrew Language" on
      in order to make the difference between speaking modern Hebrew and
      knowing the depths of the Hebrew language a bit clearer to the
      reader. (I am not Hindu. I am an Orthodox Jew. The state of
      expanded consciousness (mochin gadlut) that is attained through
      Hebrew is understood well by those who have attained a similar state
      via Sanskrit. That is why I publish on boloji.com. Each People has
      been given the spiritual tools it needs in order to attain oneness
      with God. One path does not cancel out the other, rather, each
      compliments the other. A 'one-size-fits-all' religion cannot and
      should not be attempted. Each soul must find their way back to God in
      accordance with the spiritual peculiarity on one's People. Even
      though we are not of the same religion, and there will be minor
      differences in our experiences of God, a Jew, Hindu, Christian,
      Buddhist, and so on who have reached God-realization will all
      understand one another completely. For the Jew the path begins with
      the revelation of the secrets of the Hebrew language.

      For a brief explication of how the Hebrew language can bring us back
      to God-conciousness please see my article "A Perfect Body - A Perfect
      Face" on http://www.boloji.com/women/apbapf.htm

      In order to begin the path to attaining realization of God (the Self)
      one can meditate on the words mah shimcha. (Usually translated as
      "What is your name?" But notice that I do not put a question mark at
      the end of the phrase, because in time the knowledge of the Names
      will be revealed and this is a level beyond yours, mine, hers and
      his.) If you're whole-hearted in your turning to God for Self-
      revelation you will surely succeed. This will take whatever time is
      necessary for you to be able to receive direct revelation and
      withstand it - but it will come. This is God's promise - signed,
      sealed and always delivered in perfect time.

      May the God of Abraham, Sarah, Yitzchak, Rivka, Israel, Leah and
      Rachel bless you.
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