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Re: [lxx] recent ad hominem post

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  • Barry Hofstetter
    My deepest apologies to the group. I actually intended my response to be off-list, to the original poster, and inadvertently sent it to the group. Also, it
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 19, 2006
      My deepest apologies to the group.  I actually intended my response to be off-list, to the original poster, and inadvertently sent it to the group.  Also, it was poorly edited: I did not mean that the moderators agreed with me that the individual's scholarship was pseudo-scholarship (technically not an ad hominem, but an unsupported opinion presented as fact), but that his (or her) posts were off topic, the assertion implied in the prior sentence before my comment on scholarship.  I appreciate the many quality posts made to this list, and regret accidentally contributing one which, as the moderators note, was really worse than what was originally being censured.
      Someone once commented that computers allow us to make mistakes much more efficiently than before their general use...
      N.E. Barry Hofstetter
      The Center for Urban Theological Studies
      Philadelphia, PA
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      Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 12:16 PM
      Subject: [lxx] recent ad hominem post

      As a reminder, ad hominem posts are not to be made to this forum. These are no more welcome
      here--actually they're less welcome--than off-topic posts. Someone recently wrote "I don't
      need to waste my time reading your pseudo-scholarship. Fortunately, the moderators of this
      list agree with me." First, calling someone's posts "pseudo-scholarship " is an ad hominem
      attack such as is not countenanced on this list. Second, we asked that the threads
      referenced be considered closed and that no further responses to them be made on-list. The
      poster whom I've quoted violated a specific directive of the moderators in responding to
      the closed thread on-list and so is actually more out of line than the original poster who,
      it seems, has heeded the moderators' directives and has ceased posting on off-topic
      subjects (for now, at least). Finally, the moderators do not agree with the post quoted: we
      did not malign anyone by saying they were engaging in psuedo-scholarship, nor did we say
      reading the posts designated off-topic was a waste of time. We simply stated that the posts
      were inappropriate to this forum and asked that they be discontinued. There is perhaps more
      disagreement than agreement between what the moderators wrote and what the quoted poster
      wrote. Again, please refrain from making these sorts of ad hominem posts. Consider the
      off-topic threads we recently discussed closed. Let's return to order and to discussing
      matters more properly relevant to the LXX.


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