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Re: Why Not the LXX?

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    ... I haven t looked for a while, but I seem to recall reading that Jerome s Vulgate is important because he made use of Hebrew and Greek texts which are no
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2005
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      >A question was posted as to why the LXX was not widely accepted in the Chri=
      >stian church. Let me throw out some ideas for discussion.

      >It can be seen as surprising that the LXX was not accepted by the Roman chu=
      >rch as the Romans had a great fixation with Greek culture and a hatred of t=
      >he Jews. I would think that they would prefer a Greek text over a Jewish o=
      >ne, particularly since these were supposed to be "the same thing." This li=
      >ne of arguement has been used by those who feel the entire New Testament wa=
      >s originally in Hebrew/Aramaic to justify explain why the Greek text became=
      > the standard. So what happened?

      > In the earliest days of the church, they did have good copies of the Hebre=
      >w text and just could not bring themselves to use something else since they=
      > had the original version at hand. Maybe what was circulating in Hebrew wa=
      >s close enough to the versions of the LXX that were available that they did=
      > not see any reason to use the Greek version. Once the Vulgate was created=
      >, only a few theologians cared about any differences. If you come down a f=
      >ew centuries when more people started to care about the differences in vers=
      >ions, the really old Hebrew versions were no longer available and the exist=
      >ing Masoritic texts had migrated further away from the LXX, so a big differ=
      >ence was seen.

      >One hole in this line of thought is my ignorance of what Jerome used for th=
      >e Vulgate. Anybody know this?

      >So do I have any idea what I am talking about?

      I haven't looked for a while, but I seem to recall reading that
      Jerome's Vulgate is important because he made use of Hebrew and Greek
      texts which are no longer extant. I haven't got my textbooks with me
      right now. Perhaps someone else can shed more light on the subject.


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