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FW: [lxx] Masoretic vs lxx

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  • Choufrine, Arkadi
    Hi, James. Christ is risen! ... my Harper s Bible Dictionary says it emerged about 200 AD under Rabbi Judah the Prince. (HBD, Talmud , 1016)/// Simply
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2000
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      Hi, James. Christ is risen!
      >As to the Talmud,
      Harper's Bible Dictionary says it "emerged about 200 AD under Rabbi
      the Prince." (HBD, "Talmud", 1016)/// Simply stated, there are some
      problems with the unqualified assertion that the LXX text is older than
      Do you seriously allow for the possibility that any portions of the LXX came
      into being after 200 AD? If you so, I would very much appreciate your
      indicating the grounds on which one might possibly base such claim.
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