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94[lxx] Re: the divine name in the LXX?

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  • Tyler F. Williams
    Mar 7, 2000
      It appears (at least accoridng to the biblio below) that the use of the
      tetragrammaton in the LXX is not OG, but is a later development. A couple
      good references are:

      Skehan, P. W. (1980). “The Divine Name at Qumran, in the Masada Scroll, and
      in the Septuagint.” BIOSCS 13: 14-44.

      Pietersma, A. (1984). Kurios or Tetragram: A Renewed Quest for the Original
      Septuagint. De Septuaginta. Studies in Honour of John William Wevers on His
      Sixty-fifth Birthday. A. Pietersma and C. Cox. Mississauga, ON, Benben
      Publications: 85-101.

      There was also a article in JBL that I can't find the reference to. Hope
      this helps.

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