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91[lxx] Re: the divine name in the LXX?

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  • Grant
    Mar 6, 2000
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      Thank you for your help once more. I may just like to add that it was
      very interesting about your reference to the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower
      and Awake along with the Kingdom Interlinear because I have been one of
      Jehovah's Witnesses for 9 years. It's delightful to see someone appreciate
      that the literature does indeed hold scholastic credibility. I am 18 years
      old and have been studying the bible for the last 9 years even as a young
      child. So all my life I've been familiar with the conquest of Jerusalem in
      70 AD and many other biblically historical significant events at a very
      young age. But I can not take credit b/c many of the Watchtower's articles
      have taught me so many things. I hope you do not feel that your e-mail was
      in vain since I already had the Kingdom Interlinear. You threw much light
      upon the subject whereas before I was unclear of a few things.
      On a personal note, thank you for your kind attention to questions that
      are ostensibly mediocre. Of course, everyone has a mediocre learning
      relative to the field they have just engaged in study.
      One thing that captured my attention was when you said you were a
      "non-Christian." Please do not think that I am harboring a bias. I'm just
      interested by your use of the term. Do you believe in the biblical Jesus?
      Do you believe in an historical Jesus? Do you believe in God? My question
      is essentially one question. Please do not think that I am "badgering" you
      either. I am merely curious and I write with the utmost respect, honor, and
      sincerity. I have no hidden agenda. haha Just to reiterate, I am writing
      with a genuine disposition.

      P.S. thanks for your help on the flood also.

      your friend in studies,
      grant polle
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