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868Re: [lxx] Old Latin/Vetus Latina

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  • John Litteral
    May 5, 2004
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      At the present time, the Septuagint is the official text in the Greek
      Church, and the ancient Latin Versions used in the western church were made
      from it; the earliest translation adopted in the Latin Church, the Vetus
      Itala, was directly from the Septuagint: the meanings adopted in it, the
      Greek names and words employed (such as: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers
      [Arithmoi], Deuteronomy), and finally, the pronunciation given to the Hebrew
      text, passed very frequently into the Itala, and from it, at times, into the
      Vulgate, which not rarely gives signs of the influence of the Vetus Itala;
      this is especially so in the Psalms , the Vulgate translation being merely
      the Vetus Itala corrected by St. Jerome according to the hexaplar text of
      the Septuagint.

      I would try all the online bookstores like amazon.com. Surely there is
      something, I would think.

      John Litteral litteral@...
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      Subject: [lxx] Old Latin/Vetus Latina

      > It is my understanding that the Old Latin (Vetus Latina) Bible was a
      > direct translation from the Septuagint. Is this correct?
      > I have a friend looking for the Old Latin/Vetus Latina Psalter. Does
      > anyone know where a copy might be found?
      > Thanks.
      > Nektarii
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