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3971RE: [lxx] LXX chapter numbers in MSS

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  • William Yarchin
    Oct 15, 2013
      Vaticanus shows Roman numbering in Genesis up through ch. 46. Then Greek ch. numbers appear, and not corresponding to  ch. divisions in printed editions of the OT.  At Exodus though 2 Esdras there is Roman numbering as well as Greek section numbering. Only in the Psalms is there Greek ch. numbering from the primary hand, but it varies from majuscule (Pss 1-104) to miniscule (104-137) to majuscule  (138-150). Proverbs through Job  have Roman ch. numbering with Greek section numbering, whereas Wisdom and Sirach have only Roman numbering. Interestingly, Hosea shows Greek ch. numbering that seems to be from the primary hand yet this is not the same hand that numbered the Psalms. Amos and the rest of the Twelve also show Greek ch. numbering but from later hands. Isaiah has Roman ch. numbering with Greek section numbers from a later hand, and often these Greek section correspond to the ch. divisions. Ditto with Jeremiah, however beginning with ch. 45 there are two Greek section numberings: an earlier with a later. Baruch shows later Greek numbering, as does Daniel. Ezekiel features both Roman and (older) Greek numbering. Lamentations and the Epistle of Jeremiah show older Greek numbering in red ink.

      Alexandrinus shows Arabic ch. numbering throughout. The exceptions are Psalms and Periochae which have Greek numbering albeit from a later hand.

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