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3883Re: [lxx] Ancient Of Days

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  • Barry
    Dec 11, 2012
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      On 12/12/2012 12:02 AM, Christopher wrote:
      > Hi Barry
      > The Greek word/s for "day", I am wondering if there might be a
      > distinction of some kind, or if we can use deduction to figure out the
      > context. So in Gen 2:4 lxx day is used to mean a long period of time,
      > also in Genesis 5:1 lxx , as in other places. Why not also in Gen
      > chapter 1 lxx, based on Daniel's Ancient of Days.

      The same word for day, ἡμέρα, is used in each context. "Ancient of Days"
      is simply a way of saying "eternal" or "from ancient times." I don't
      think anything in the Greek will help you. You have to go back to the
      Hebrew, and even then context will be the key factor. Nothing in the
      Greek per se will help you resolve this question.

      N.E. Barry Hofstetter
      Semper melius Latine sonat
      The American Academy
      The North American Reformed Seminary
      Bible Translation Magazine

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