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3850Letter of Aristeas

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  • frankclancy
    Oct 26, 2012
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      Dear Bob - why do you place the Letter before Philo? Why not later or at the same time period? I have read dates for the Letter from about 200 BCE to about 100 CE. I have seen no evidence at all that any Hebrew text was translated into Greek before 100 BCE so it would take time for such a legend to develop. In other words, it seems more realistic to date the Letter in the first century CE - or very late in the 1st century BCE.

      It also depends on the dates for the original Hebrew texts. Did Ben Sira, for example, know a Hebrew version of texts that we have today? And when was Ben Sira writing? And so on. If the Hebrew texts are rom the second half of the 2nd century BCE, then it is unlikely that the Greek translations occurred before 100 BCE.

      Frnk Clancy
      Kitchener, Ontario

      Aristeas may be "spurious," in the sense that it is not what it claims
      > to be, but it apparently is the oldest surviving version of the legend
      > of the translation of the Pentateuch into Greek, dating probably to the
      > 2nd century bce, and thus basic for your interests. The judgment
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