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3806Re: Did Jesus use the Septuagint?

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    Aug 2, 2012
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      Drs. Penner, Kraft, et al.

      Please let me say that it is an honor to interact with you on this forum. I admire your work very much, Dr. Kraft.

      Dr. Penner, I appreciate your site, and will be keeping an eye out for your written work in my continuing studies.

      Thank you for the clarifications on the Qumran materials.

      It would seem that my previous comments should be amended to reflect that the community did not possess an abundance of Greek scrolls.
      The general point still apparently obtains, however, that the anti-Hellenistic Qumran community made use of Greek texts.
      Therefore, the presence of Greek mss. there supports the claim that such texts were widely used in general and probably available to Jesus.

      I have not had time to look at the link with the Qumran materials.

      However, I am curious: Does this include the Nahal Hever materials? I'm thinking specifically of the Minor Prophets scroll (8HevXIIgr), which Barthelemy and Tov described in detail in their book on the Greek Dodekapropheton.
      Though technical distinction should probably be made between Nahal Hever and Khirbet Qumran, couldn't we consider them together for the purposes of establishing.supporting the notion that Septuagintal mss. were available in Palestine during the time of Jesus?


      Chris Lovelace, M.Div., Th.M (Candidate)
      Mar del Plata, Argentina

      PS - I would be very interested in seeing the 8HevXIIgr materials, if anyone knows where I can find them online. They may have some slight bearing on my thesis.

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