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3769RE: [lxx] Electronic text of Codex A

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  • andrew fincke
    Jan 8, 2012
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      Hi, Dale!
      Here's the listing from the Amherst College catalog - not of the Baber facsimile but rather of the only edition of Alexandrinus I'm aware - the Grebe edition in four volumes, two of which came out posthumously in the hand of Wigan and Lee:

      Bible. O.T. Greek. Septuagint. 1707.

      Septuaginta interpretum ... quem ex antiquissimo MS. codic´┐Ż Alexandrino accurate descriptum ... Summa cura edidit Joannes Ernestus Grabe.

      Oxonii : E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1707-1720
      From Swete, Introduction, 183-184:
      "Grabe's edition is in the main a presentation of the text exhibited in a single uncial codex ... but to a greater extent its text is in fact eclectic and mixed.... The mixture ... is overt ... and can be checked at every point. He ... mark(s) with an obelus the words, clauses or paragraphs in the MS for which he found no equivalent in the Masoretic Hebrew and place(s) an asterisk before such as he believed to have been derived from Theodotion (or elsewhere). If he adds (something to the MS or relegates from the MS to the margin) such additions and substituted words are distinguished from the text of Cod. A (through) smaller type."

      For the audio Greek Bible try http://www.biblicalgreek.org/about/contact.php or www.greekbiblos.gr. The list search tool is working, but not finding the discussion under the terms I entered: "Erasmus" and "Buth." I sent an email to the biblicalgreek website requesting information about the link to the audio Bible.
      Andrew Fincke

      To: lxx@yahoogroups.com
      From: dale@...
      Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 16:33:35 +1300
      Subject: RE: [lxx] Electronic text of Codex A

      Thanks Andrew, I was after the entire OT in electronic format, or failing
      that a decent text so I can create my own.

      On Tue, 20 Dec 2011 22:17:48 -0500, andrew fincke <finckea@...>
      > Dale!
      > You're in luck! I've got digital photos I made of the Fourth Maccabees
      > part of the codex from the copy of H. H. Baber, Vetus Testamentum
      Graecum e
      > Codice Ms. Alexandrino (3 vols., 1816-1821) in the Amherst College
      > Baber's book is the only hand-written facsimile I know of - really a ton
      > of work.
      > Hope that helps,
      > Andrew Fincke

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