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  • Ken Penner
    Oct 16, 2011
      Thanks, Andy.
      I take it that the discussion in DJD 17 seeks to determine only the original Hebrew, and not the Vorlage of the Old Greek. Where did the επι come from, if not from על?

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      Dear Ken,
      Here it is!
      The reading of 4QSama makes clear that the corruption of the phrase in M was owing to the well-known interchange of אל and על, rooted in the falling together of the two with the weakening of the laryngeals and the subsequent colouring (sic!) of the associated vowels (both pronounced with 'e-class' vowels) in late Hebrew. Examples of the confusion may be found in 2 Samuel above in VARIANTS to 3:37, 22:43 and passim. Thus the superior reading is הקים אל, with 4QSama, Old Latin and the Lucianic Greek manuscripts. So, (sic!) Cross, Canaanite Myth, 234, n. 66. For a brief history of the discussion, see McCarter, II Samuel, 477. Compare the standard formula for the establishment of kings by God: והקים יהוה לו מלך (1 Kgs 14:14); יהוה אלהיו ... להקים את בנו (1Kgs 15:4); יהוה והקמתי (Jer 23:5); יהוה אלהיהם ... אקים (Jer 30:9). (Cross/Saley, 186).
      Andrew Fincke

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      Thanks for your willingness, but it seems the list strips attachments. If you had a chance to send it directly, that would be great.

      Ken M. Penner, Ph.D.
      Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
      St. Francis Xavier University

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      Hi Ken,

      I've attached a copy of the discussion on page 186 of DJD 17.



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      > **
      > Dick wrote:
      > “The Hebrew Vorlage of the Old Greek επι was clearly אל, the reading of
      > 4QSam-a as has already been pointed out.”
      > I don’t have DJD 17 here at home to check page 186, could you summarize the
      > reasons for thinking the OG’s Vorlage was אל rather than על? It seems to me
      > επι represents על three times as frequently as אל in Samuel. If the Hebrew
      > Vorlage were אל, I would expect the Old Greek to read προς, which is the
      > typical translation of אל.
      > Ken
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