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  • andrew fincke
    Dec 9, 2010
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      Good point, David!
      And what does the Septuagint (this is a Septuagint list) say at those 4 places?
      γένοιτο γένοιτο "So be it! So be it!" I.e. יִהְיֶה יִהְיֶה. Now that's just a polite way of saying "Jehovah, Jehovah" (יהוה יהוה) without descecrating the Lord's name. What's happened is that the Septuagint translator mistook "Amen" (אמן) for "So be it!/ therefore" (אכן) by merging the vertical that forms final nun with the open space on the left side of the kaf. Cf. the kaf and mem in אכן משפטי in the facsimile of 1QIsa-a at Isa. 30:4. אכן is a rare word that occurs only in Isaiah, and there only four times, one of which is 53:4, where it serves as epithet for Our Savior at Isa 53:4: "He lifted up our sins". There the Septuagint has "He" (οὗτος) for אכן הוא "Therefore He". So at Psalms 106(105):48, when "All the people said, 'Amen! Amen!" (Hebrew: "Amen! Praise the Lord!") they were just reciting the divine epithet. For the matter of the repetive אמן אמן in the Psalms verses cf. Isa 40:7-8, where אכן caused a whole verse to be duplicated. In IQIsa-a all the extra material is between the lines and into the margin with אכן חציר העם "Therefore the people is grass" spelled הכן חציר העם, confusing אכן with הכן and thus הקן "the nest", which is composed of intertwined grass. I know this is alot of Hebrew for someone unversed in the language, so if you've got some questions feel free to ask.
      Andrew Fincke

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      In all the cases mentioned below, the Hebrew word is AMEN.

      Ken M. Penner, Ph.D.
      Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
      St. Francis Xavier University
      Antigonish, NS


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      You don't make any reference to the Psalms, and I don't know Hebrew.
      However, if, as you assert, "Amen" is never used in the OT to conclude a
      prayer, what is the Hebrew word used in the concluding verses of Psalms 40,
      71, 88 and 105 (LXX numbering)?

      David James

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