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  • David James
    Dec 8, 2010
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      You don't make any reference to the Psalms, and I don't know Hebrew.
      However, if, as you assert, "Amen" is never used in the OT to conclude a
      prayer, what is the Hebrew word used in the concluding verses of Psalms 40,
      71, 88 and 105 (LXX numbering)?

      David James

      On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 10:59 PM, TOUJOURSPREST <toujoursprest@...>wrote:

      > I would appreciate help on the source of the word amen.
      > The Hebrew word amen derives from the Hebrew 'a-m�n, the primitive
      > triliteral root is '-m-n . This triliteral root means to be firm, confirmed,
      > reliable, faithful, have faith, believe. Grammarians list "amen" in Hebrew
      > under its three consonants ('-m-n = aleph-mem-nun) The Hebrew letter ' aleph
      > originally represented a glottal stop sound, which functioned as a
      > consonant.
      > I find two ways it is apparently not used in the Old Testament. First,
      > "amen" is never used to conclude a prayer ...

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