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3503RE: [lxx] set of images of the old Vaticanus photo facsimile available

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  • andrew fincke
    Aug 4, 2010
      Dear James et al,
      Apologies for the erroneous nickname. My brother, Alan, makes the same issue about "Al" in my emails. You've done a great service. I just checked your file containing the beginning of 2 Samuel - GA_01_S3_354.jpg - against the photocopy of the 1906 facsimile from Milan I made at the Center of Jewish Studies in Philadelphia 8 years ago, and you're a decided improvement. The library printer is jammed, so I can't print; but I received a lesson in using Picture Manager to print small bits of pages. For the unitiated in computers, here's how to work with James' link. 1) Click on it; 2) click on Vaticanus1.rar, and select download; 3) Select save - insert a flash drive and save to it; 4) Once it's saved you will be asked if you want to open - say Yes; 5) You will be informed that Windows can't unzip the files, and asked if you want to let Windows find via internet some program that can - say Yes; 6) A list of 6 programs will appear - Select Winzip; 7) You will be given 3 options ; a. Buy now b. Try evaluation version c. Get for free - choose Use evaluation version; 8) The Winzip install wizard will begin - select the minimum features and let it install 9) Select your flash drive, and find Vaticanus1.rar - click on it; 10) Winzip will appear and ask if you want to buy now or use the evaluation version - Select Use Evaluation Version. 11) The files will unpack into individual .jpg images; 12) Double click on one of the images, and then the tab for "Full-Size" for better viewing. 13) Save the file as unpacked .jpg file to the flash drive; 14) Open Picture Manager, and crop the two page file into an image of one page; 15) Print the result; 16) Repeat steps 12-15 87 times until all the .jpg images are printed, two printed pages for each two-paged image. 17) Enjoy your facsimiles of Codex Vaticanus Gen1:1-Num 20. James is correct - the files appear in reverse order once they are unpacked from the folders. The last file in a folder (Num. 20 in the case of Vaticanus1.rar) appears at the top. In Vaticanus9.rar the files are out of order. I haven't used the 7-zip utility. I posted a concordance between the books of Codex Vaticanus and the files James provided, so that the user can be selective about what he downloads/vies/prints. I neglected to put Ruth after Judges. Most of Vaticanus has 3 columns to a page, but in certain books like Sirach there are 2 columns. At Psalms 105-137 ten leaves are missing, and a fifteenth century scribe reconstituted them in cursive Greek that is next to impossible to read.
      Andfrew Fincke

      To: lxx@yahoogroups.com
      From: gajs-f0el@...
      Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 22:52:33 -0500
      Subject: RE: [lxx] set of images of the old Vaticanus photo facsimile available

      > Thanks, Jim,

      James, please. <rant> Why does at least 50% of the world's population (I
      now see that even Australians are prone to what I thought might be a
      strictly American tendency) seem to presume that everyone whose name is
      James wants to be called Jim? </rant>

      > Each folder contains about 88 file-images, which must be extracted with Winzip, which has a 45-day free evaluation period.
      > The final file of Vaticanus1.rar is GA03_01_S3_166.jpg, whose first page is Num 20:5-27. The final file of Vaticanus2.rar
      > is GA03_01_S3_346.jpg
      > , which has 1 Sam 25;39-27:3 as contents of its two pages.

      Coupla things. First, I think the 7-zip utility handles rar files, and
      it's free/GPL. Second, I too at I first thought that the first rar file
      began with the book of Numbers. But in my case, I discovered the images
      were displaying in my un-archiving utility in reverse order. Once I
      scrolled down to the files at the bottom I saw that the first page of
      Genesis was there and that the numbers increased from 00 at the bottom to
      166 (or 168?) at the top. Maybe that's what happened to you as well? In
      any case, if you don't end up getting what precedes Num 20, I can
      certainly supply it for you.


      The $5000 color facsimile Vatican edition isn't all that great.
      > I find over and over in Brooke-McLean notices about erasures and corrections that are invisible in the manicured Vatican
      > edition. It will be intersting to see if the Sinaiticus facsimile that is due out end of this year does better than the
      > online version at www.codexsinaiticus.org in replicating the erasures and corrections that Swete spotted in his edition of
      > the Septuagint.
      > Andrew Fincke
      > To: lxx@yahoogroups.com
      > From: gajs-f0el@...
      > Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 12:49:28 -0500
      > Subject: [lxx] set of images of the old Vaticanus photo facsimile available
      > I meant to post about this some time ago, but am only now getting around
      > to it. Over on the TC list-serve a few months ago, someone posted a link
      > to a collection of photos someone took of all pages from the old photo
      > facsimile of Codex Vaticanus (the edition done in the late 19th century,
      > if memory serves). So the OT section of the manuscript--an important LXX
      > witness--is included among these images.
      > The whole set is quite large, the entirety coming in at well over a
      > gigabyte. As you might guess, then, the photos are taken at a fairly high
      > resolution (about 4,000 by 3,000 pixels). So the quality is pretty
      > good--though a couple of caveats should be borne in mind. First, the old
      > facsimile consists of black and white plates (the new facsimile is, of
      > course, in color). Second, the photos of the old facsimile to which I link
      > were not taken straight on, i.e., directly above the book, but rather at
      > an angle. So, though the photos are not executed ideally, the text is
      > still fully legible. And, again, the resolution is fairly high.
      > I append below the post from the TC list announcing the availability of
      > these images:
      > -----BEGIN POST FROM TC LIST--------
      > I have also reposted them to a new site in "under 200MB" zipped files.
      > There are ads, so I apologize ahead of time. ;-)
      > http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=a63c12e4771ee14fa0f2f20c509059d97730a72b63f0eb48b8eada0a1ae8665a
      > -----END POST FROM TC LIST----------
      > By the way, this is a work that is out of copyright, so downloading and
      > sharing these files should not carry any legal penalty (standard
      > disclaimer: I am not a lawyer). I hope to post again soon about some other
      > facsimiles, asking whether they are still available in electronic format
      > and/or whether they might be made available.
      > James
      > PS Couldn't some non-ad-supported option be made available, perhaps from
      > some academic institution, for the hosting of these sorts of files?
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