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3417English and Greek in LXX translations

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  • Peter Papoutsis
    Dec 14, 2009
      In response to my particular use of English in my translation of the LXX I wanted to share the following regarding Fr. Patrick O'Grady's translation of the LXX Psalms and critique of other English translations of the LXX Psalms:

      1. The Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Boston) version (HTM). This preserves classical hieratic English, but introduces awkward diction and phrasing. Its translation is almost slavish to the Greek, thus sacrificing good English style, especially where that already exists in the 16th century authorities.
      2. The Orthodox Study Bible psalter is not a liturgical psalter and is not composed in hieratic language. Its purpose is strictly informational rather than liturgical.
      3. The Etna Project departs (CTOS) in some respects from the KJV, which it claims to follow. The end result appears to be somewhat idiosyncratic.
      I’ve been meaning to send you the URL for the text that is on the OCA Diocese of the South web site (http://www.dosoca.org/psalter.html). It might be the same as what you refer to as ‘the Etna Project.’ CTOS just published a colourful edition of a translation that was done by Michael Asser, in GB, based upon the KJV and the Douai translation but corrected according to the LXX. The DoS file is without all the artwork of the CTOS edition. I sometimes want to scream when I’m reading their Apostol and Evangelion, the punctuation is so erratic (not to mention syntax and other problems). For people that ‘pride’ themselves on their academic standards, they certainly don’t know how to punctuate.
      I guess we all have problems with Greek-LXX to English. More to come later.
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