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3210Re: [lxx] The LXX used as the OT for Christians

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  • Kevin P. Edgecomb
    Sep 1, 2009
      Quoting Michael <kg6gjr@...>:
      > Should the MT text be used as our OT, or should LXX be used? Should
      > the base be the MT with the LXX supplementary, or should the LXX be
      > the base text with the MT used supplementary? I do agree that
      > Hebrew was the original language of the OT, but which text is closer
      > to that original Hebrew?

      I write,
      Michael, this is more of a matter of the practices of individual
      churches than it is something that can be established for everyone.
      For Greek Orthodox Christians, the LXX itself is their OT, and the OTs
      of other Orthodox are based upon it. The OT for Protestant Christians
      is generally one or more of the various translations based on the
      Hebrew but taking into account the LXX. The Roman Catholic position
      is complicated, with both the Latin Vulgate (which is in part merely a
      Latin translation of the LXX) and (at least in the USA) an English
      translation of a Hebrew/Latin/Greek mishmash being official OT texts.

      So, it really depends upon what a particular tradition holds to be
      proper. There's no "one size fits all" answer.

      Kevin P. Edgecomb
      Berkeley, California
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