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3162RE: [lxx] Gen 25:27 aplastos

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  • George Blaisdell
    Jun 2, 2009
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      Thank-you for a singularly helpful post,

      That a-privative was bothering me...

      As applied to women, then, what meaning can we ascribe?


      George Blaisdell
      Roslyn, WA

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      Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 01:51:39 -0700
      Subject: Re: [lxx] Gen 25:27 aplastos


      The word itself means not-formed (a=<negative prefix> + plastos=formated [from the v. plasso = to form]). Since it is possible for "plastos" to have the meaning of "fabricated" according to Hesychius lexicon (5th c. AD)ie. not the truth (Aesch.) - "a-plastos" could have the - metaphorical - meanning of "truthful" and could me a possible rendering of "thm".

      "Simple" in Greek is "aplous" (not-complicated, from nevative "a" + plous=multi (like in "multi-plication"). The two words aplous/aplastos seem related but not directly).

      See also:

      Hesychious lexicon

      5123 απλαστος (aplastos)

      ἄ-πλαστος, ον, not moulded, i. e. in its natural state, natural, unaffected, Plut.

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      > Hello all;


      > New to this group


      > James Kirby


      > Could anyone offer help on a word in Gen 25:27. The word is

      > "aplastos".

      > I cannot find any reference to this word in any lexicon

      > & my copy of the

      > LXX does not give a Strong's #. The Hebrew word is "tam"

      > Strong's # 8535

      > but I cannot find the Greek "aplastos".


      > Thank you;

      > James



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