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  • finckean
    Nov 3, 2008
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      To those of you - like Bob - who read aghast as I mentioned "the
      Goettingen Septuagint project is on the rocks" (message 2656 of Dec.
      1), I apologize. We've now got Ruth from the hand of Udo Quast as
      IV,3 (2006) of the Goettingen Septuaginta. Those of us with
      connections to an antiquariat now have the opportunity to watch the
      British-German hatred play itself out in the field of Biblical
      scholarship. A century after Holmes-Parsons began the work of a
      critical edition of the Greek Bible, Brooke-McLean made the thing
      more usable with The Old Testament in Greek, of which the Octateuch
      volume - containing Ruth - appeared sometime during Word War I.
      Almost immediately thereafter - in 1922 - Rahlfs responded with Das
      Buch Ruth : griechisch, als Probe einer kritischen Handausgabe der
      Septuaginta, a small tome of 28 pages that appeared as companion to
      the author's larger Studie ueber den griechischen Text des Buches
      Ruth of the same year. Quast now provides the finishing touch/blow
      (and we can let Naomi and her daughters-in-law rest in peace!?) with
      the blessing of Rahlfs ("Due to the increase in evidence since 1922
      we deviate from his work slightly") and the curse of Holmes-Parsons
      ("We've recollated everything; where manuscripts cited by Holmes-
      Parsons are lost, we've ignored them, since H-P is prone to error")
      [cited from memory and translated from the German, pages not noted;
      the book is not at hand]. As with all Goettingen volumes that cover
      material worked by Brooke-McLean, we have the scads of "B-M mistakes"
      and "B-M didn't see these" (pages 207-208), which are hard reading
      for people addicted to the British work. (Checking the discrepancies
      firsthand is not a forthright matter - even for those in the
      museums/libraries - since B-M and Quast use different systems of
      designating the manuscripts, and Quast's work includes neither
      bibliographic information about them nor a concordance of sigla.)
      New is Appendix 1 (pages 194-207), which lists and categorizes
      scribal errors, which are now detached from - and thus no longer
      encumber - the apparatus.
      Andrew Fincke
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