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2965Re: Tamar's situation in Absalom's house

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  • finckean
    Jun 1, 2008
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      That Tamar got preganant from the liaison with Amnon is also the
      implication of Matthew 15:27: "The dogs eat from the crumbs fallen
      from the table of their masters". Logic dictates that the speaker -
      the Canaanite woman, eating fallen crumbs - imitates Bathsheba, who
      stood on the street showering from water falling from the roof-top
      (hanging gardens?) of the palace. See 2 Samuel 11:2, where NETS has
      correctly "he saw a woman bathing from the roof". And the demon-
      possessed "daughter", for whose healing the Canaanite petitioned, is
      none other than Tamar, who two chapters later in 2 Samuel was healed
      from her habitual menstrual impurity through the incurred pregnancy.
      Matthew 15:28: "And she was healed from that hour (HORA)" shifts the
      pregnancy to Bathsheba, who was impregnated not by David, but rather
      by Uriah five weeks previously, and who - at the time David spotted
      her - was enjoying the beginning of cessation of her periods. See
      11:4 NETS: "And she was purifying herself from her uncleanness"
      for "And she ended the five days of waiting for the onset of her
      peiodic defilement". HORA at Matthew 5:28 is the same word that
      appears in the Coptic of 2 Samuel 13:20, modifying XHHROUSA "acting
      like a widow". That - in turn - refers not to Tamar but rather to
      Bathsheba, of whom David heard (11:3 NETS)"Is not this Bersabee
      daughter of Eliab, wife of Ourias the Chettite". The speaker is not
      named, but it stands to reason that it was the same Ethiopian
      messenger who at 18:31-32 told David about Absalom's death. If so,
      he probably said in Ethiopian: WAORYO KETYAWI META "And Uriah the
      Chettite her husband". David misunderstood META "her husband" as
      Hebrew META "her dead one" and summoned her to comfort her over the
      loss. When the truth came out, Hebrews 11:35 "Women took from the
      resurrection their dead" was fulfilled (contra Sigrid).
      Andrew Fincke
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