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250Questions about LXX

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  • jultm777@yahoo.com
    Jun 10, 2001
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      Dear Sirs,

      1. Where has Brenton taken the greek text of the Septuaginta from? If
      it is from the Sixtine bible (1587)-Pope Sixtus V, is it an exact
      copy of the text or a roughly similar text?

      2. Can exact reprints of the first two complete publications of the
      Septuaginta be found?:
      a. Sixtine Bible (1587)-Pope Sixtus V
      b. Complutensian Poliglot Bible (1514-1517)
      Which publications are they?

      3. Does anybody know, if it is possible for these two publications to
      be found electronically-processed, on OCR, or on microfilms.

      4. In many books and web sites it is written that the Eastern Church
      (especially the Greek) keeps the Septuaginta even nowadays as their
      Old Testament. Does anybody know which the text is and where this
      text could be found? Is this text the same as the Sixtine Bible or
      Complutensian Polyglot Bible?

      I will be grateful to everybody who would answer me. This would help
      me a lot clarify for myself some topics at first sight simple, but on
      the other hand hard to find answers to even in Internet :). God bless
      you !
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