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2296RE: [lxx] original Greek

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  • andrew fincke
    Jun 6, 2007
      Dear List,
      I'm delivering a paper on the reconstruction of 1QSam in DJD (Discoveries in
      the Judaean Desert) Volume 1 at the IOQS in Lubjlana in July and am puzzled
      by the editor's (Barthelemy's) statement to en garzel at 2 Samuel 21:18:
      "LXX a en garzel corrige ensuite en en geq", i.e.
      "LXX has en garzel corrected later to en geq ("in Gat")."
      Facr is:
      1) MT has begov "in Gov"
      2) Codex Vaticanus, Peshitta, Ethiopian, Armenian and Ahnxa-2 of the Greek
      ms. have en geq
      3) Lucianic ms. have in gazeq
      4) Most of the Greek has en garzel.
      Why is Varicanuis, Peshitta: en geq called a "later correction"?
      Andrew Fincke

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