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2179Re: [lxx] Example of Significantly Interpretive "translation"

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  • Robert Kraft
    Feb 12, 2007
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      How about Daniel 11.29-30, Kittim = Romans?


      > I'm looking for an example in the LXX where the translator either
      > a) clearly did not understand the Hebrew, or b) better still, clearly
      > changed the meaning from the extant Hebrew textx. Long ago, I worked
      > on the Fourth Servant Song and thought I'd remembered that Isa 53:7-8
      > in the LXX looked to me like the translator did not understand the
      > Hebrew text very well but last night in looking at the NASB of Isa
      > 53:7-8 and Brenton on the same passage, perhaps my original
      > assessment, based upon reading the Hebrew and Greek myslf, was
      > overstated. They seem pretty close in these translations at least.
      > So does anyone know of a glaring example of where the translator
      > not only was not woodenly literal, as in Genesis, but clearly doing
      > interpretation (leaving aside the acknowledged fact that all
      > translation involves interpretation)? Thanks.
      > Ken Litwak

      Robert A. Kraft, Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
      227 Logan Hall (Philadelphia PA 19104-6304); tel. 215 898-5827
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