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2178Example of Significantly Interpretive "translation"

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  • JavaJedi2
    Feb 12, 2007
      I'm looking for an example in the LXX where the translator either
      a) clearly did not understand the Hebrew, or b) better still, clearly
      changed the meaning from the extant Hebrew textx. Long ago, I worked
      on the Fourth Servant Song and thought I'd remembered that Isa 53:7-8
      in the LXX looked to me like the translator did not understand the
      Hebrew text very well but last night in looking at the NASB of Isa
      53:7-8 and Brenton on the same passage, perhaps my original
      assessment, based upon reading the Hebrew and Greek myslf, was
      overstated. They seem pretty close in these translations at least.

      So does anyone know of a glaring example of where the translator
      not only was not woodenly literal, as in Genesis, but clearly doing
      interpretation (leaving aside the acknowledged fact that all
      translation involves interpretation)? Thanks.

      Ken Litwak
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