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2079Re: Proverbs 20:22 LXX

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  • Matthew Johnson
    Nov 16, 2006
      --- In lxx@yahoogroups.com, "Ernest Steadman" <easteadman@...> wrote:
      > You may have stumbled upon the same thing that happened with the
      last twelve verses of Mark,

      No. It is not the same.

      > added to the Latin Vugate out of whole cloth by St. Jerome and others.

      ??? As others have pointed out, these verses are in Greek manuscripts
      too. I would not be surprised if some of them predate Jerome.

      But it is pretty clear that St. Jerome did NOT add these verses.

      The case of Prov 20:22 is almost the complete opposite case. Lots of
      verses in the LXX of Proverbs occur in different places in the MT, or
      in noticeably different forms, or even not at all. Such variation is
      unheard of in extant manuscripts of Mark in any language.
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